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 Revitalization Plans

Our Plight


Why should you invest in this community?


Our community is establishing itself as a moving force in Baltimore City. Allah has blessed us with the opportunity to purchase a large piece of real estate, which is now completely paid for, in a prime location within the City. 


Baltimore City is the sister city of Washington DC. Does anyone remember how DC looked 20 years ago? It was exactly like Baltimore is now. Has anyone been to Washington DC recently? It is unrecognizable as it has been completely refurbished. As a community, we are in the unique position to be able to invest in a city on the verge of revitalization. Currently, the city is underpopulated and much of it is in desperate need of refurbishing. A handful of visionaries within our community saw this as an opportunity to invest and carve out a section in a city that we can call our own.

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Future Construction Plans


Renovations Done So Far

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