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 Revitalization Plans


Our Plight


Why should you invest in this community?


Our community is establishing itself as a moving force in Baltimore City. Allah has blessed us with the opportunity to purchase a large piece of real estate, which is now completely paid for, in a prime location within the City. 


Baltimore City is the sister city of Washington DC. Does anyone remember how DC looked 20 years ago? It was exactly like Baltimore is now. Has anyone been to Washington DC recently? It is unrecognizable as it has been completely refurbished. As a community, we are in the unique position to be able to invest in a city on the verge of revitalization. Currently, the city is underpopulated and much of it is in desperate need of refurbishing. A handful of visionaries within our community saw this as an opportunity to invest and carve out a section in a city that we can call our own.


What is the most pressing need for all Islamic communities across our nation? Islamic education from grades K-12. We want our children to be able to live in this society as Americans while maintaining our deen, our culture, and our values, allowing us to safeguard our future generations.


We, at Masjid Bait Allah, would like our brothers and sisters from all over the world to help support our cause in any way possible. We have a multi-tiered project in the making. We want to start by developing a full-time school that will be able to educate our children all the way until they are ready for university.


Next, we want to establish a community center that is available for all (Muslim and Non-Muslim) in the city. This will allow us to provide much needed services and fill the voids for what’s lacking in our city.


We want to set up social service programs and health services to help all those in need of such services Muslim & Non-Muslim) but might not have the means to access them in the private sector.


By implementing the above, this will naturally create employment opportunities for all that want to participate. 


We need healthy, clean organic foods available in our section of the city for all residents. We shouldn’t be forced to eat food coated with cancer causing pesticides. Currently, unless you live close to a major grocery chain, organic food is unattainable unless you have a vehicle. So we want to partner with local organic farmers and improve the food selection available in the city. (We can set up co-ops, urbanized farming, etc.)


Lastly, we want to be able to purchase many of the vacant homes surrounding the masjid and surrounding city blocks to provide affordable modern homes for our community and purchase other buildings to expand the services we are able to offer to our community and the city as a whole. 


Please support us in the dream and help make it a reality. 

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