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Masjid Bait Allah

A dynamic community devoted to developing an Islamic life

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About Our Mosque

The Bait Allah Masjid community started around 2006. At that time, we were a very small community renting a space to for the 5 daily prayers, islamic classes, and serving other needs for the community. Shortly after renting that space, our community started to grow and we started looking for a larger, more permanent place to call home. After searching for the perfect place, we came across this building and put forth the effort to purchase it with the intention of making it our permanent home and al hamdulillah, Allah made our efforts successful

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01:15 PM

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 Remodeling Project and Community News

  • 6//07/19- We will have a meeting with Muslim link newspaper on Saturday, June 7th .to discuss our situation

  • 6/13/19- We will have a meeting with the area city counselor at 11am to discuss our case and generate support form the city

  • 6/18/19- We will have a meeting with the city inspector and city lawyer and our lawyer at 3pm

  • 7/31/19- The court case was postponed and the new court date for the Masjid hearing will be on 7/31.

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